1997  Montauk Sofa made it’s debut. The first store, on a somewhat seedy patch of St.Laurent Boulevard, the iconic corridor where culture, art, retail and critical mass merge, is where Montauk set up shop. The heart and soul of Montreal had in recent years developed a little arrhythmia, the retail landscape was showing it’s age, a little worse for wear and tear. The new kid on the block with the larger than life “minimalist cool” space was the magnet that drew me back to this stretch of the Main.The first time I entered a Montauk store I was impressed and imprinted. I was struck by the scale, the modernity and yet at  the very same instant a sense of timelessness and tradition, elegance and comfort, sensuous down-filled comfort……..I wanted one. I wanted a Montauk sofa. I was not alone. Divas, designers, dudes, dandies, dads and dilettantes, people of all stripes with discriminating tastes would soon be sitting, literally, in the lap of luxury. The rest is history.


You can now find a Montauk store in the most dynamic cities in North America.




2012  Montauk’s got a brand new blog. So, let’s talk about Let’s Tauk. Naturally the name of the blog is self evident and naturally we will be keeping you “au courant” on all things Montauk, news, events, new editions to the collection, videos, articles, trade shows, trends and promotions. We are also introducing The Misfits, Montauk’s Overstock Sale site, just click on the Misfits in the Lets Tauk banner or go to the Let’s Tauk section of the Montauk website and click on the misfits icon or favicon ( if you want to be literal ). Go there right now if you like, check it out but come right back, we haven’t finished talking. Enfin, a sale.


Design Q&A is dedicated to you, any questions you might have on how to feather your nest, fabric and colour trends, problematic room layouts, wall paint and treatments or any other design dilemma, Tania Armstrong Kratt our resident Interior Design expert will answer all your questions. Tania is an allied member of ASID  and former Online Design Editor at House and Home (7 years), Tania has answered a lot of questions. Click on Design Q&A on the menu bar of Let’s Tauk , submit your question and upload a photo or photos and Tania will respond in as timely a manner as possible.


Now when you think about the objects we surround ourselves with, what do they say about us? We don’t merely occupy our environments we live in them. A sofa is a very personal item, pivotal moments in your life happen on a sofa. Oh the stories they could tell of seductions, divorce, family reunions, office party’s trysts and tentative teenage romance – beginnings and endings. How many Montauk’s have cocooned a new mother and baby, how many books read or music listened to, politics fought over? Montauk creates furniture of and for the times we live in, influenced by the culture, the art and design, the history and pace of the world we inhabit. Connect with us. Let’s Tauk about all the areas that impact our lives – philosophy, ecology, art, interior design, cities, technology, pop culture, fashion, the media, books, people and of course sofas.