DaDe ART & DESIGN LAB curates lifestyle, providing innovative and exclusive products and services that enhance living spaces. with a distinctive product mix and presentation philosophy DaDe offers a complete product range for modern living.

[hush] is the very first of DaDe FACTORY partnered arts events, referencing the name of Andy Warhol’s New York studio, which was also famed for its groundbreaking parties. the exhibit opened on october 19, and ran for three consecutive weeks, closing on november 11, 2012.

The main inspiration behind DaDe FACTORY events is to open a conversation about brand cooperation rather than competition. similar values of DaDe ART & DESIGN LAB and MONTAUKSOFA, such as environmental awareness, quality, and desire to promote local talent, bring these companies together to strengthen their message.

The connection between the two brands was established when DaDe ART & DESIGN LAB took over the inglewood showroom of MONTAUKSOFA as they moved to downtown calgary in 2009.

[hush] was held in the future pre-renovated MONTAUKSOFA showroom. the space was stripped of all non-essentials; lit with six foot long fluorescent tubes, hanging from the exposed ceiling by chains, it was filled with contemporary art provided by DaDe ART & DESIGN LAB, and some of the most attractive and comfortable upholstered furniture on this planet handmade by MONTAUKSOFA.



Nine artists’ works were shown at the [hush] exhibit: Darcy Lundgren


Ellinor Stenroos

Ellinor Stenroos—evstenroos.html


Steve Speer

Steve Speer


Leah Nowak-Petrucci, Danielle Bartlette

Noah Falls

Marta Blicharz

Jenelle Walsh

and Gordon Webster

Various media including photography, glass sculpture, canvasses, silversmithing. the common thread to all works was subtle romanticism and the ability to convey the message of the environment influencing us the same way we influence our environment.