Montauk Sofa has the distinction of being among a select group of companies who have partnered with Lange Productions to distribute the iconic line of Fabricus and Katsholm Danish furniture in North America. Henrik Lange noted ” I am honored to work with Montauk Sofa, we prefer to establish relationships with companies that understand our furniture and share our passion for design on a personal level. I especially respect the dedication and ambition of Tim Zyto and Danny Chartier and appreciate their energy and good humor. ” Henrik went onto say how much Canadians and Danes had in common including a black humor that probably emerged through enduring long cold winters.

Montauk Sofa is committed to finding the best in curated designer edition furniture from around the globe and will continue to search out the finest lines of seating and accessories (eg. The Yumi lamp) to compliment our sofa collection. Stay tuned to see what we have in store for you in 2013. Pardon the pun.