Traditional Low Love Seat Slip Cover

Buying Slipcovered Furniture for Interior Design
Furnishings in today’s modern home must be functional and beautiful. Slipcovered furniture is a hot trend for good reason. Learn what to look for in slipcovers.
Posted by Tracey Drake | Last updated: Nov 22, 2013
Rachel Ashwell Showroom|Apartment Therapy
For anyone that has heard the old saying “It’s like throwing out the baby with the bath water” that is exactly what happens when a good piece of furniture with tired upholstery gets thrown out and replaced. Slipcover, specifically fitted and custom looking slipcovered furniture is a smart investment, that not only extends the life of the sofa, chair or other upholstered furniture, it provides opportunities to redecorate a room often.

Not only is slipcovered furniture adaptable, but simple and affordable as well. For the value-conscious family or young newlywed couple furnishing a first home, there truly is no better way to go than furniture that has slipcovers.

Montauk Sofa Slip Cover

Slipcovers are the Ultimate in Family Practicality
Families with children and pets will find slipcovered furniture to be the answer to their dreams. Kids and puppy dogs can actually use the furniture without Mom worrying about soiled cushions. Simply remove the cover, wash it and put it back on – good as new. When the kids wear out the fabric, it is much easier and more affordable to buy a new slipcover than a whole new piece of furniture.

Scarlett Chair & Ottoman Slip Cover

Modern Covers are High Quality and Custom Looking
Slipcovers come in a huge array of colors, styles, and fabrics. Whether you are going for the shabby chic look with all off-white colored slips for furniture, or a slipcovered headboard or taking a more tailored approach in your decorating, there is a solution for everyone.

Ikea brand furniture is popular around the world, and they are famous for slipcovered furniture, especially the Ektorp line, with some of the more sought after pieces being the sofa, chair, ottoman and chaise lounge – all slipcovered with many options to choose from. you are sure to find the perfect slipcover solution.

If money is no object, then a look at slipcovered sofas by companies such as Montauk and Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic is worth a look – pricey but sensational.

ABC Chair Slip Cover

Traditional Low Love Seat Slip Cover

The Wash & Go Aspect Appeals to Modern Homeowners
One of the biggest advantages to having slipcovered furniture is the ability to remove the covers and throw them in the wash. Most slipcovers are sold pre-washed and preshrunk, and it is important to check for these qualities when considering cotton or linen covers. If they are not preshrunk and are washed, they may not fit the furniture any longer.

Many also have a unique stain guard property that keeps the fabric from staining. Slipcovers are everywhere nowaways, but it is imperative to shop around as pricing and quality are very erratic from super cheap to extremely expensive; from synthetic nylon to sumptuous, high quality panama cotton. Slipcovered furniture is so affordable, that many DIY home decorators have a different set for each season.

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