ALL IN. Creative Directors from Montauk Sofa and Weaver and Loom combine to evolve the industry. Montauk Sofa with it’s recognizable location on Queen Street West in Toronto, has long been known for combining the elements of style, quality and comfort in their furniture since the company began in 1995.

The company, started by Tim Zyto in Montreal, has expanded into Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, New York and Chicago, and continues to maintain the most progressive standards in high quality designer furniture. Made in Canada, the sofas are without equal. In the business of area rugs, Weaver and Loom have excelled beyond measure. Now Tim Zyto, Ali Ghassemi and Montauk’s creative director Danny Chartier who has been instrumental to the design process, complementing and coordinating sofa design to create the perfect “Montauk Rugs” Tis dynamic trio has combined their respective talents into the creation of Montauk Rugs along with an exclusive line of high-end area rugs. As those who have visited Montauk’s fabulous showrooms have noticed, the company personalizes individual pieces to fit each customer’s unique needs. Expect the same from Montauk Rugs. In addition to the typical pile carpets you have come to expect at Weaver and Loom, Montauk will be offering a line of “basket weave” area rugs made from leather, a clever twist on sisal rugs.

Ali Ghassemi, owner and creative director of Weaver and Loom.

Ali Ghassemi remarks that the rug line will have it’s launch this winter in their Toronto and Montreal showrooms, with full launch happening in the Spring of 2015, expanding into their Calgary, Vancouver, New York, and Chicago showrooms. “The rug line will be focused on elegant simple designs, with colours that complement Montauk’s full line of fabric selection in their sofas,” says Ali. All rugs will be hand-made using the highest quality natural fivers and superior workmanship. Soon the quality we have come to expect from Montauk Sofa and from Weaver and Loom, will be able to be found in one place.

Photography by Roberto Varquez
Stylist Nagham Cararah
As seen in Chloe Magazine